Women wearing white shirt checking clean laundry for stains after washing and drying at laundry room.
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Remove Tough Shirt Collar Stains With One Handy Kitchen Ingredient
If you bake frequently, you may already have cream of tartar stocked in your kitchen cupboard. This common baking ingredient also doubles as an effective stain-remover.
Cream of tartar, or potassium bitartrate, is a mild acid that, like other natural acidic cleaners, pulls out stain molecules through an electrical charging process.
Wet the collars of stained shirts with some water, then dust the area with cream of tartar. Gently scrub the stain marks using an old toothbrush before washing the shirt normally.
To maintain the fabric’s texture, refrain from excessive scrubbing. This method can also be used to eliminate stains from the cuffs of your shirts.