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Renovations That Won't Increase The Value Of
Your House
Swimming Pools
The cost of installing an in-ground pool ranges between $32,408 and $60,873, with maintenance costs that range between $3,000 and $5,000 annually. For this reason, installing a pool is less desirable to buyers, and homeowners only recover about 43% of their investment.
Master Suites
A lavish master suite with luxuries like a walk-in closet might make a good selling point, but improving the master suite at the expense of other bedrooms might not be a wise investment move after all. As a rule, the more bedrooms, the more value your home has — regardless of what the master suite looks like.
Wall-To-Wall Carpet
A soft, cozy carpet has been a good selling point in the past, but nowadays, they are no longer as desirable to prospective buyers. If you need to upgrade the floors of your home, wood flooring is a great choice that promises a return on investment of up to 107%.
Luxurious Upgrades
A few high-end upgrades won't do much for your home’s value; you need everything at an equal standard to get a good deal out of your renovation. For example, a luxurious kitchen upgrade recoups up to 53.9%, while a midrange upgrade gets 77.6%.
Too Much Building
One common mistake is overbuilding a house without considering the homes around you. The cost of houses in a neighborhood usually differs by between 10% and 15%, so regardless of the cost of your addition, it is unlikely that the value of your home will increase more than that.