Ants on soil
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Repel Ants Naturally With An Herb You Can Easily Grow In Your Garden
When dealing with ants in your yard, it's best to consider alternatives to insecticides. To repel ants naturally, plant pennyroyal in strategic areas around your home and garden.
Ants can benefit your yard by ridding it of pests and aerating the soil. However, they can also attract plant-eating aphids and cause structural damage to plants.
Pennyroyal, a member of the mint family, emits an aromatic and sweet scent that ants dislike. It's best grown in a container to keep it from spreading and overtaking your yard.
Besides growing pennyroyal in your yard, consider rubbing its essential oil anywhere ants enter your home, or sprinkle crushed leaves in places you want to deter ants from.
Use caution when using pennyroyal around pets, especially cats, as it contains pulegone. If ingested, this poison can cause liver damage, and direct contact can lead to dermatitis.