Rats running in grass
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Repel Rats From Your Garden With These 13 Gorgeous Plants
From the time they break ground in the spring until the greens die back, daffodils deter rats with their strong scent and the highly toxic lycorine present in their bulbs.
Crown Of Thorns
The crown of thorns is highly effective in repelling rats due to the multitudes of thorns on its stem, which restricts the pests' movement in your garden.
Black Pepper Plant
The black pepper plant has a potent smell that keeps rats away. It is a tropical plant that you can grow outdoors in the summer and bring inside in the winter.
Chrysanthemums also have a pungent odor that rats detest. Some species of this beautiful plant even contain pyrethrins, which are used in organic insecticides.
Bergamot is a hardy herb that is perennial in zones 3 through 9. Often called bee balm, it's a highly aromatic plant that repels pests like rats with its peppery scent.