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Repurpose An Old Shoebox To Create Extra Toilet Paper Storage
If you’re looking for a container to store your toilet paper rolls, try making this fabulous, highly customizable faux basket using an old shoebox, twine, and a piece of fabric.
You can use twine, jute cord, or a braided rope from Dollar Tree or Michaels to decorate the outside of your faux basket and any spare fabric or burlap to line the inside.
First, reinforce the seams of your box with glue. Next, you’re going to wrap twine around the box, starting from the bottom and working upward, securing it with hot glue as you go.
Cut strands of twine more than double the length of the box’s sides, fold them in half, then glue the two ends of each strand around the bottom of the box at even intervals.
Next, fold a long strand of twine in half, glue one end to a bottom corner of the box, then weave it through the short strands, gluing it down as you go until the box is covered.
For the liner, fold a rectangular piece of fabric in half with the wrong side facing outward. Sew or glue the sides closed, then sew or glue across the corners to form a box shape.
Finally, place the liner into your faux basket and fold the edge over the sides of the box. You now have a storage basket for your toilet paper rolls or any other small items.