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Repurpose An Outdated Floor Lamp With TikTok's Smart Hack
If you're wondering what to do with old or broken floor lamps, consider upcycling them into a stunning planter perfect for holding plants aloft, as shown by TikTok's @redeux_style.
This DIY not only keeps the lamp from cluttering up your storage space or local landfill, but also creates a budget-friendly alternative to similar suspended store-bought planters.
To turn a standing lamp into a planter, begin by disassembling the lamp and removing the electrical parts, including the cord, which you will need to cut all the way to the base.
Remove the socket where the lightbulb goes by unscrewing it from the lamp, then take out the lighting elements. Next, reassemble the lamp and turn the shade upside down.
Lampshades have heat ventilation holes, which can act as drainage holes for plants. Fill the interior with soil or rocks, or place an enclosed planter inside the shade's bucket.
The hack works with various lamp designs, like the Medusa lamp and the shorter tabletop lamps with similar design elements. All you need is a hard shade you can place the plant in.