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Repurpose Leftover Wine Corks Into A Stylish Bath Mat
A wine cork's material is strong as well as mold and humidity resistant. It can handle various moisture levels that occur in bathrooms and provide you with a cushy bath mat.
Design the wine cork mat in a round shape, a sun-ray formation, or a rectangular shape in a standard 20-by-30-inch size. The cork's tan color goes well with many neutral colors.
To create a bath mat from wine corks, you need a non-adhesive shelf or drawer liner, a hot glue gun or wood glue, a knife, a ruler, and other items to maintain a clean work area.
Depending on the size of your mat, you may need about 150 to 200 corks. Since wine corks are hard to cut, boil the corks in water first, then cut and let dry before applying them.
To make a non-slip mat, cut the corks lengthwise in half, into short, circular pieces, or merely in half for a thicker mat. Then, adhere each one to the lining using glue.
When all your corks are fastened, press them down firmly with a board to even out the surface. After about 24 hours, you'll have your unique wine cork bath mat ready.