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Repurpose Old Books With TikTok's Paper Rose Decor DIY
If you have old books that you don't read anymore, try turning the weathered pages into lifelike roses, as TikTok user @laura.delallana did in her video.
This clever hack isn't effort-intensive, and you'll only have to dedicate around 10 minutes per rose. Begin by gently tearing out at least three to four pages from an old book.
Grab a corner of one of the pages, fold it in half, cut off the excess at the bottom, and then fold this square thrice to create a small triangle. Cut one end into a dome shape.
Use this cone-shaped paper as a prototype to shape the other folded triangles, then snip off the pointed edge of the cones before opening the folds to reveal eight flower petals.
Cut out a petal from one folded paper, two from another, and so on, until you cut the last flower in half. Plug in the glue gun and apply hot glue on one edge of
the flower.
Repeat this for all the flowers and petals except the singular and two-piece petals — roll these into cones and glue them together. Then, use a toothpick to roll the
petals' edges.
Finally, pick the largest petal and glue a smaller one inside of it. Continue this process until your rose is made, then pull twine with wire through the center for the stem.