Pile of old Mason jar lids
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Repurpose Old Mason Jar Lids With These 15 Clever Home Projects
To make drink coasters that will protect your furniture from water rings, cut some corkboard into circles and glue them inside Mason jar lids, then paint and decorate them.
Mason jar lids are the perfect size for individual desserts and appetizers. You can bake various mini pies, tarts, cakes, quiches, and other treats directly in the lids.
Glue several lids together and cover them with heat-resistant fabric to make a large coaster to hold hot dishes or to serve as a dinner plate charger or decorative platter.
To make refrigerator magnets, decorate a Mason jar ring (or the whole lid) with lettering, decoupage napkins, or mini clay figurines. Then, glue a magnet strip on the back.
To use a Mason jar lid as a frame, glue a photo onto the ring, punch a hole in it, and thread ribbon through it to hang it up, or add a magnet or kickstand on the back.