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Repurpose Plastic Silverware With These Clever Home Hacks
Garden Stakes
To support seedlings or weak plants, prop up a knife in the soil, being careful not to poke any roots. Glue multiple knives together to create a long stake for vines.
Mini Garden Tools
For your windowsill garden box or seedlings, use the spoon as a shovel, the knife as an aerator to loosen the soil, and the fork as a rake to plant seeds.
Plant Markers
Keep track of your plants, so all species get the right care. Write each plant's name on a plastic utensil's handle in permanent marker and place it in the plant’s pot.
Pest Deterrent
Plant the fork prongs facing upwards between your plants to ward off any raccoons, squirrels, or birds who may want to use your garden as a bathroom or buffet.
Container Scoops
Plastic spoons make great scoops that you can leave in containers holding pet food, birdseed, powdered laundry detergent, or any kitchen pantry staples like sugar.