Wood pallets stacked on top of one another
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Repurpose Wood Pallets For A Budget Firewood Rack
With just some wood pallets, a drill, and screws, you can create storage for your firewood cheaply and without needing a shed. To keep the wood dry, you can put a roof on the rack.
You only need wood pallets and a way to attach them, so it won't cost much if you already have screws and a drill or a hammer and nails, though this could be more labor-intensive.
You need three pallets the same size and some scrap wood planks. If you don't have scrap wood, you could saw planks off another pallet. Now, place the first pallet on the ground.
Stand the other two pallets across from each other on top of the first one to form a U-shaped box. Drill your side pallets into the base, using as many screws as needed.
Use the scrap wood as supports to prevent wood falling out. You could have two planks diagonally connecting a side piece and the bottom of each open side.
Supports can be added to connect the two sides at the top. If the rack is wobbly, attach more planks across the open sides. When stacked with wood, two people can easily move it.