A person shoveling snow
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Rethink How You Shovel Snow With TikTok's Space-Saving Solution
Snow shovels help overcome snow storms during the winter but also take up a lot of space when not in use. A simple solution to this is the Overmont Folding Emergency Snow Shovel.
As demonstrated by @imlovintay, a collapsable shovel from Amazon can easily be broken down, stored compactly, and quickly reassembled when required.
The shovel is priced at $32.99, includes an ice scraper, and comes in black, blue, gold, and red. While a regular shovel is 58 inches tall, the foldable shovel is just 42.1 inches.
Its handiness and lightweight aluminum construction make it ideal for storing in the car, in an emergency outdoors kit, or for winter camping.
The foldable shovel can also be adjusted to a different height, as it can shrink up to 26 inches. Additionally, it has four holes that allow you to hang the tool easily.