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Reuse A Favorite Old Book To DIY This Incredibly Unique Clock
If you have a favorite book you want to show off or a thrifted book lingering around your home, try turning it into a fun, bookish clock that can elevate your room's aesthetics.
First, select a hardcover volume that’s thick enough to harbor the clock mechanism inside its cut pages. Then, open the book and mark the center, where you will drill your hole.
Measure the size of the clock mechanism to determine how large your interior cutout needs to be. With a precision knife, carve out enough pages to hold it securely in the recess.
Next, drill through the marked center on the front cover, placing a cutting mat underneath so you don't drill through the entire book.
Place the clock mechanism in the carved-out space, and thread the arm for the clock's hands through the hole in the cover. When closed, the book will hide the recessed clock.
Leave the book slightly open to stabilize it on a surface, or apply glue or adhesive velcro to the inside pages to keep the covers closed if you plan to hang it flat on the wall.