Five lit candles in candlesticks
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Reuse Old Candlesticks For These Stylish DIY Decor Ideas
Glue four short candlesticks to the bottom of a tray, and put the tray in the bathroom to store toiletries, on a mantel to display decorations, or on a counter to hold spices.
Bird Feeder
Attach a candlestick to the base of a shallow container, like a saucer, plate, or bowl, and fill it with birdseed. Group several together in your yard to attract birds.
Hurricane Lamp
Glue a candlestick to the bottom of a glass tumbler or vase, then place a candle, LED light, or twinkle lights inside to use in a centerpiece or on a mantel.
Snow Globe
Affix a candlestick to a mason jar lid, and use the jar as the glass top. If your container is closed, add water and glitter; otherwise, use powdered snow and ornaments.
To open up space and add layers of height to a table without blocking views, glue a wide pillar candlestick to the base of a large bowl filled with fruit or flowers.