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Reuse Old Tin Cans For This Brilliant Toilet Paper Storage Solution
If you don’t have a lot of spare shelves in your bathroom to stack your toilet paper rolls, try creating a budget-friendly DIY canister that’s made from three large #10 tin cans.
All you’ll need for this easy project is hot glue or E6000, some spray paint, sheets from a scrapbook or some wallpaper, Mod Podge, ribbon, and faux flowers or other decorations.
Remove the bottoms of two cans and stack all three cans vertically, with the intact third one on the bottom. Glue them in place and let them dry completely before decorating them.
Spray paint the seams and the inside rim of the cans, let the paint dry, then apply your chosen decorative paper decoupage-style to your cylinder's exterior using Mod Podge.
Once dry, add ribbon, lace, faux florals, burlap, twine, rope, pictures, or any decor to suit your aesthetic, then place your canister in a convenient spot in your bathroom.