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Reuse Small Wood Pallets
In Your Home And Garden With These
DIY Ideas
For a customized wall clock, remove a few pallet boards, connect them using smaller support boards at the back, and cut them to the desired size and shape of your clock.
You can attach, paint, or stencil numbers on, leave it blank and minimalist, or create a piece of art. Then, install a clock component kit, and it’s ready to hang.
A wall-mounted console table is a great place to keep car keys and wallets. Instead of trying to find one that meets your exact specifications, build one with pallet wood.
Cut your pallet to size for the base of your table. Paint, stain or seal it and attach a board as the table top. Now, decorate it and attach it to the wall using drywall anchors.
Cut your pallet to about a quarter of its original size. Then, decide on a décor style — for example, white paint with black or gold hooks and details
or stenciling.
For a boho feel, paint each board a different jewel tone, distress the edges with sandpaper, and add hooks or detailing in brass or rose gold. Then, attach a bracket to the back.
Command Center
This is where you display family tasks, plans, and messages. For a rustic look, pallet wood is the perfect solution at a fraction of the cost of commercial ones.
Remove a few pallet boards, cut them to size, screw them into small backboards, and then decorate them. You could also attach a tray or jar for markers or chalk.
You can now buy decorative miniature pallets from many retailers. At your local dollar, craft, or department store, grab a few miniature pallets and some twine.
For a small hanging sign, screw two holes into the top board, and then stain, paint, or distress it. Loop through and tie the twine and use a paint pen to write on the sign.