A glass stovetop with grime and dirt
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Revive Your Dirty Glass Stove Top With One Laundry Room Essential
Generally used in the laundry room to soften towels and work shirts, dryer sheets can also help you tackle the
most challenging glass
stove stains in the kitchen.
Soak the sheets in water for five to 15 minutes to activate the product inside, wring it out so the sheet is damp and not sopping wet, and use it like
a sponge on the stovetop.
Use it to wipe the appliance clean, removing any grease and gunk. You can also
ball it up and use it as an abrasive on the caked-on food that won't budge.
For more difficult stains, use the dryer sheets to soften them before scrubbing. Simply lay them over the tricky spot, spray water, and let the product sit for 10 to 40 minutes.
Grab a sponge with soap and water and wipe the stove. Since dryer sheets have conditioners that soften the laundry, it'll also loosen the grime's hold
on the glass stovetop.