Fern leaves in the forest
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Revive Your Overwatered Fern Plant With These Tips
When a fern plant shows signs of being overwatered — like drooping, wilting, or yellowing leaves or molds on the soil or growing medium's surface — stop watering the plant first.
Next, move the container so it's not sitting in water, such as in a dish, and wait for the soil surface to dry out completely before watering again.
Make sure the container's drainage holes are not blocked and clear them if they are. If there's room in the pot, add some dry potting soil or growing medium.
You can also try repotting your fern. Gently remove any wet plant material from the root area and lay the fern on some paper towels to let the roots dry out for about an hour.
Place the fern back in its pot with some fresh potting soil and wait a day before adding some water. Resume watering whenever the top inch of the soil surface feels dry.