Faux orange flowers in a vase
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Revive Your Worn Fake Flowers With One Easy
Salt Hack
Cleaning each petal of your faux silk flowers can be tedious, and specialty cleaning sprays can be expensive, but there is an easy and affordable solution to rejuvenate them: salt.
To use this hack, put a fake silk flower in a paper or plastic bag, or a resealable container, and add 2 tablespoons of salt, preferably a coarser variety like kosher or rock salt.
Seal the bag or container and gently shake it for a minute, allowing the salt to loosen dirt and dust from the flowers. Then, take out the flower and shake off any residual salt.
If any salt remains, use a feather duster or a hair dryer on a cool setting to remove the lingering grains. If you’re out of salt, the same technique can be applied with cornmeal.