IKEA Pax wardrobe with organizers
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Revolutionize Your Home Storage With These Genius IKEA Pax Hacks
Illuminate your IKEA Pax’s interior without cables by using rechargeable motion-activated magnetic Joyzy or battery-powered Star-Spangled Puck lights from Amazon.
Since you can’t install drawers where the Pax's door hinges are positioned, just swap the hinges for ones that don't protrude as much, like Amazon’s Ravinte overlay hinges.
Spice Racks
If you add drawers to your IKEA Pax, use spice racks to keep your cosmetics organized and easy to see. You can even adjust the racks to fit the size of your drawer.
Use the IKEA Pax as a kitchen pantry by adding mesh IKEA Komplement baskets, a clothing rail, slide-out shelves, and single-clip or two-clip pant hangers to store food items.
Stuk or Skubb
Arrange your socks, underwear, and T-shirts with IKEA Stuk or Skubb organizers. You can use them in different configurations to sort your items the way you prefer.