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Bed Storage With This Inexpensive IKEA Find
If you’ve run out of storage in your bedroom, the IKEA Pärkla is a great way to organize and store items under your bed for easy access. It’s also affordable at only $1.99.
The IKEA Pärkla includes a zipper that helps you keep your items secure and sealed, so you do not have to worry about dust or other debris collecting on top of your belongings.
The item is so versatile that it can store a wide variety of items, from holiday decor to extra bedding. It can also be used in children’s rooms as a simple way to keep toys.
Make sure it fits under your bed — the Pärkla measures 21¾ inches wide, 19¼ inches deep, and 7½ inches high. The storage cases can easily be folded and stacked in between uses.