Cockroach crawling up a sink
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Roaches Won't Be A Problem Anymore With These Easy Pest Control Tricks
Baking Soda & Onion
Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over a chopped onion and place it in cockroach-infested areas. Then, wait for the roaches to approach.
When the roaches ingest the soda, it bubbles up in their stomachs and causes them to burst. You'll have to do this multiple times as this method only kills one roach at a time.
Roach Traps
Roaches usually pick up what another roach left behind. You can collect their droppings in a container and put them in an area of high roach activity to lure them into a trap.
Boric Acid
Mix equal parts of the boric acid, flour, and sugar to form a dough. Make small round balls and use them to lure in the roaches; when they ingest it, they'll die.
It takes a while for the boric acid to do its work, so the roaches will likely go back to their group and die. When other roaches feed off of the dead roach, they'll die too.
Fabric Softener
Mix three parts of fabric softener with two parts of water and put it in a spray bottle. Whenever you see a roach, you simply spray it with the mixture.
The mixture kills the roaches instantly, as the fabric softener's scent will suffocate them. However, it's more time-consuming as you have to keep an eye out for the roaches.
Roaches love hiding in dark corners, such as behind the fridge or under the sink, so clean those areas regularly to prevent roaches from thriving.
Throw out any unwanted trash such as cans, papers, and food. Since cockroaches are always on the hunt for food and water, they will leave your home if they can't find those things.