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Rock The Block's Ombre Bathroom Tile Design Is A Showstopper
Out of the many innovative remodels on "Rock The Block," the ombre-style bathroom tile from Season 2 may be one of the best designs featured.
Designed by Alison Victoria of "Windy City Rehab" and Mike Holmes of "Holmes Makes It Right," the ombre tile design stole the show and won over the judges.
Judges Egypt Sherrod and her husband Mike Jackson were fans of the design, with Sherrod saying, “It's the ombre tile for me," as soon as she walked into the room.
Jackson noticed how difficult the ombre tile and grout would have been to install and noted how hard the design must have been to pull off.
The tile starts out dark blue at the top before cascading down into lighter blue hues and then transitioning into white at the bottom to match the white flooring.
Victoria explained the difficulty of the project: "It is a giant risk trying to go with two different grouts and trying to blend those grouts to make it ombre like the tile."
The ombre grout was risky, but it ultimately paid off and perfectly matched the tiles. Once finished, the bathroom had a luxurious yet calm, tranquil energy.
After Victoria and Holmes were pronounced the winners of the episode, Holmes said, "When you plan it right, make it right, you win it right."