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Rotten Tomatoes Have An Unexpected Benefit For
Your Garbage Disposal
Throwing rotten tomatoes into your garbage disposal can aid the anaerobic bacteria responsible for breaking down organic waste in your septic system, helping it run smoothly.
Start by collecting three to four rotten tomatoes and placing them in a secure ziplock bag. Mash them into a puree-like consistency using your hands or a sturdy kitchen tool.
Turn on the faucet and slowly pour the puree, taking breaks to avoid clogs. Once done, keep the water running for a few more minutes to ensure everything is thoroughly flushed.
You can also cut the tomatoes into smaller halves or quarters and throw them down the disposal. Maintain the water flow throughout this process to make sure they go down smoothly.
Remember to pause for a few minutes after each addition and continue running the water for a short spell after you’ve disposed of all the rotten tomatoes to prevent blockage.