Hummingbird hovering near feeder
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Safely Clean Your Hummingbird Feeders With This Household Object
Feeding hummingbirds is a wonderful way to support them during migration and breeding, but mold and fungal growth in a hummingbird feeder can cause Hummers Candidiasis.
This condition makes a bird's tongue swell, which leads to starvation. To avoid this, you will need to clean your feeders properly using a few tools and basic cleaning supplies.
Many feeders have narrow necks, which means getting the inside sufficiently clean and disinfected requires a soft bristle bottle brush for scrubbing.
A disinfected toothbrush works well for getting into those flower shapes around the holes that tend to attract mold. Pipe cleaners also work well to scrub out the holes themselves.
Dish soap is a great cleaning solution to use, although you should never wash a feeder with your dishes due to potential mold, fungus, and bacteria build-up.
Be sure to rinse each piece of the feeder thoroughly, and remember to clean your hummingbird feeder any time you notice mold, or if the nectar looks murky.