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Safely Install Cabinets On Your Own With This Simple Hack
There is an easy way to hang a cabinet safely on your own. All you need is a 2x4 wooden board that you can use as a mini platform to rest the cabinet on as you screw it into place.
You can purchase the board from any home improvement retailer like Home Depot or Lowe’s. The length of the board will depend on the width of the cabinets you’re trying to install.
Start by cutting the board to your desired size and placing it on the wall just below where you want the cabinet’s bottom to be. Ensure it’s level before securing it with screws.
Next, hold the cabinet against the wall, resting it on the 2x4 board. Secure it into the wall along the studs, which you can locate with a stud finder or pre-mark with a laser.
Maintain one hand on the cabinet throughout the process as a precaution. Once the cabinet is securely in place, remove the 2x4 board, and repeat the procedure for other cabinets.