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Safety Tips To Know Before Using A
Lawn Mower
Sharpen The Blades
Dull mower blades can be hazardous. If you rub up against rough blades, whether the mower is on or off, they're more likely to cause an
injury than sharp blades.
Plus, the dull blades tear the grass instead of cutting off their top, which can damage their root system and lead to your lawn being plagued by splotches of brown, dying grass.
Check The Lawn
Before mowing, pick up items like sticks, rocks, or toys so you don't run them over and end up bending a mower's blades, scratching its motor, or damaging the engine.
Additionally, the fast-spinning blades of the mower may send such small items flying in any direction. The projectile will have a lot of speed and can harm anyone hit by it.
Wear Safety Gears
To protect your body parts in case of something going wrong, wear closed-toe, sturdy shoes, long pants and long-sleeved shirt, gloves, and safety goggles.
This gear will protect you
if any debris or grass clippings fly or, worse, if the mower blades come into contact with your body.
Mow When Sober
Since alcohol can cloud one's judgment and lower their inhibitions, increasing the chances of engaging in risky behavior, it's best to avoid drinking while mowing.
If you have a riding mower, you could even be putting yourself at risk for a DUI if you operate it under the influence of alcohol. It simply isn't worth the risk.
Keep Your Distance
Each year, thousands of people accidentally hurt their hands or feet while mowing the lawn. The blades are very sharp and cause serious harm to the body.
So, make sure to keep your hands and feet away from the mower blades, and don't put them into the mower under any circumstance.
If you must, turn off the mower and unplug it first.