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Sarah Baeumler Shares Her Tips for Creating The Perfect Gallery Wall
Choose Location
Sarah Baeumler, the host of multiple HGTV renovation shows, recommends choosing large walls to make a statement like in a hallway or living room so your pieces can be more spaced out. However, a smaller space can create an eclectic feel.
Color Scheme
For a uniform gallery wall, a color scheme will create a ‘collected’ look as it uses similar colors but different frames or pieces. However, mixing colors is a great option for those who want a less ordered appearance, so always aim to create unity while allowing for diversity.
Select The Frames
Different shapes and colors of your frames will help create various designs, and to add an interesting juxtaposition, mix sharp edges with rounded frames. Mixing different sizes, orientations, layouts, and types of art can change the feel of your wall.
Be Sure To Measure
Sarah Baeumler recommends beginning with 2 inches between each frame and then expanding if needed. For a grid design, divide the width of the wall by the number of frames you want in each row, taking into account the space between each frame.
Pick The Layout
The are many different layouts to choose from including a grid design, the butterfly look, a diagonal design, or a double family tree design. Cut pieces of paper to match your frames and then tape them to your wall, or lay your pieces out on the floor to see how they’ll look.