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Sarah Baeumler’s 5 Brilliant Ideas For Keeping Your Home Organized
To organize your home, decor expert Sarah Baeumler suggests starting by decluttering and eliminating items you don’t need. Even decluttering for just 5-minutes a day can help, and your organizational efforts will be more streamlined once you’re done.
A Place For Everything
You want your home to be visually tidy, but you also need to know where everything is — so, Baeumler says having a place for everything is crucial for an organized home. These places need to be efficient and orderly with a few "catch-all" storage solutions to corral random bits and pieces.
Open Shelving
For frequently used items, Baeumler explains that the fact that everything is visible on those shelves will likely encourage you to keep things tidy. Rather than tossing the item into a cupboard or closet and closing the door, you’ll take the extra five seconds to place it in its proper spot.
Revamp Your Closet
Whether your closet is small or you hate hanging things back up, Baeumler recommends investing in some type of closet organizer. She suggests something that provides shelving, drawer space, and hanging room, so you’ll be able to store everything appropriately.
Manage Junk Drawers
No matter how organized you are, many people end up with at least one junk drawer in their home. If you have a few of these drawers throughout your home, that's fine — however, as Baeumler recommends, you may want to invest in some drawer organizers.