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Sarah Baeumler's Top Tip For Picking A Paint Color
Before you get overwhelmed and throw your paint cards on the ground, take a deep breath, because Sarah Baeumler has a super easy trick to pick the perfect paint color for any room. It’s safe to say Baeumler has tons of experience, having starred in HGTV’s “Renovation Inc.,” “Renovation Island,” and “House of Bryan.”
Sherwin-Williams teamed up with HGTV to release a home paint collaboration, including themes like “Boho Chic,” “Eclectic Mid-Century," Rustic Farmhouse," and "Scandinavian Minimalism.” Each collection featured 16 colors, and ambassador Baeumler recommends choosing a paint color that will “speak to your own personality.”
If you’re a laid-back person who enjoys the outdoors, then earth-toned colors would be best, but if you lean towards a contemporary feel, shades of greige or soft pink might speak to you. If you find yourself wanting to elicit happy, energetic, and social vibes, opt for warm tones like orange, yellow, and red, but if you want a relaxed room, use cool tones like soft blues and purples.