Laundry room cluttered with hampers overflowing with clothes and a piles of laundry on the floor
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Save Floor Space With This Brilliant Vertical Hamper Storage Solution
If you're looking to save floor space in your laundry room, adopting a vertical hamper system could be a game-changer, according to TikTok user @justin_the_builder.
In his video, @justin_the_builder displayed an efficient setup of six vertical hampers arranged on a wall in two rows, each allocated to different family members.
The standout feature of this solution was the ease with which these hampers were detached from the wall, adding convenience to this space-saving design.
While his "how-to" video has not yet been released, he shared that he crafted the bins using powder-coated aluminum, probably shaping metal sheets into rectangular bins.
As for how he effortlessly removed one of the bins from the wall, he likely employed a French cleat hanger system to mount the aluminum bins to the wall.
French cleats consist of interlocking metal brackets, providing a secure and sturdy mount for heavy items. Simply attach one cleat to your storage and the other to the wall.
If DIY isn't your preference, you can opt for lightweight and slim laundry hampers as an alternative or even collapsible laundry baskets, which can be found on Amazon.
This method is best suited for storage with flat surfaces that can rest flush against the wall. For curved hampers, adhesive hooks are a good practical alternative.