An organized workbench in the garage
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Save Garage Space With This Fantastic DIY Folding Workbench
Most at-home work areas are in spaces with limited room for working and storage, like garages. To save space, build a DIY folding workbench, as shown by TikToker @howidothingsdiy.
The countertop materials for these projects can range from 2x4s and plywood to repurposed solid-core wood doors and even a premade countertop.
For ease, get a Home Depot precut countertop. Then, attach it to several heavy-duty shelf bracket hinges, which can hold up to 300 pounds and support the shelf from underneath.
To install, attach a single board cut to the counter's length to the studs in the wall. Then, screw the brackets into the board on the wall and into the countertop's underside.
The project’s total cost will vary depending on the size of the counter, the countertop material, and the shelf-bracket hinges, but it could be as little as $100 or less.