Tin cans of soup on a wooden surface
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Save Leftover Soup Cans For These Creative Home Hacks
Candle Holder
Make a pattern by putting holes in your can’s side. Paint the outside with matte paint and the inside a metallic shade, then add a candle 3 inches or less in radius.
Hanging Lantern
To decorate the lantern, drill or hammer holes into the can, forming a pattern like a flower or star. Drill two holes about ¼ inch below the rim on opposite sides.
Take a wire that's at least the length of the can and thread it through both holes. Twist the wire's ends inside the can to secure them, then pop a tea light inside and hang.
Herb Pot
Paint the can's exterior and make eight drainage holes on its bottom. Inside, add rocks, potting mix, and herbs or seeds, then layer more mix on top and label the cans.
An empty can is useful for storing upright spatulas, spoons, and ladles. Keep it unaltered for a more rustic appearance, or paint it to match the rest of your kitchen.
Critter Decor
Turn soup cans into tin critters using paint, bottle caps, or buttons — hang them on trees, or fix them to a stake. Attach bells to use them as wind chimes.