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Save Money On Birdseed By Planting This Flower In Your Garden
To grow appetizing birdseed on your property, consider planting safflower for its nutrient-rich seeds that are favorites among several species like Cardinals and Steller’s Jay.
Plant safflower in spring when it’s above 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a place with full sun to partial shade. It thrives in loamy, deep, nutrient-dense soil that retains water well.
You can moisten the soil or plant before expected rain. Plant seeds 1½ inches deep to ensure consistent moisture for germination, and rotate their location yearly for best results.
Keep the soil moist until they mature, but avoid overwatering. To determine fertilization needs for nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium, conduct a soil test at least 2 feet deep.
Remove weeds diligently, as the seedlings can't outcompete them. Look out for Alternaria leaf spot, a grave illness that can affect safflower but be cured with a foliar treatment.