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Save Money Staging Your Home With Emily Henderson’s Clever Trick
Of the many staging accessories HGTV’s Emily Henderson uses to style spaces, there's one she finds in the convenience of her own backyard.
Henderson said, “I've been styling with backyard branches for over a decade.” Henderson likes the aesthetic of tree branches, which can add natural grace to any space.
When selecting branches, aim for ones of different lengths. As Henderson explained, “You are going for a sculptural effect, not a semi-circle of leaves coming out of a vase.”
Examine all angles of your chosen branch, and if you can’t find the perfect one, the designer said, “Get two but ensure that one is shorter and that they don't look symmetrical.”
Henderson might stage the dining table or mantel with extended leafy branches in clear glass or ceramic vases, which would enliven a neutral setting in your home.
For tranquil vibes, use aspen, olive, or eucalyptus branches in a metallic vase on a wood table. A rural home may benefit from clusters of soft pine or spiny birch branches.
With clean shades of white, sprigs of dogwood or magnolia in mason jars would illuminate a small ledge within a bathroom or on a bedside table.