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Glass Jars For The Bookworm In Your Home, Here's Why
Create an attention-grabbing bookshelf that inspires you to read by turning old glass jars into novelty bookends filled with fantasy — plus, they do more than just prop up books.
Fill these transparent bookends with any heavy items. For example, make miniature book charms using white polymer baking clay, Elmer's glue, a razor blade, and a paintbrush.
Print and cut out tiny copies of your favorite book covers and fold them twice at the spine. Next, shape the polymer clay into the same size and thickness of the mini-book covers.
Bake these on a baking tray according to the instructions on the clay container. Then, glue on the covers, seal the entire book with more glue, and place them in your glass jars.
You can also turn your jar bookends into mini terrariums. Cover the bottom with a layer of pebbles for stability, then add a layer of charcoal for drainage and odor absorption.
Next, add soil and some shallow-rooted plants, such as succulents for an open terrarium or fittonia for a closed terrarium, both of which will do well without direct sunlight.
You can also encourage your kids to both save and read by making piggy bank bookends — every time they finish a book, drop a silver dollar or some loose change into the jar.