Rain overflowing gutter on house
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Save Old Rain Gutters For These Genius Ideas Around The House
Drill drainage holes in the gutter’s bottom, then add soil and seedlings. Ensure your gutter has endcaps to keep the soil in, and attach the planter to a fence or wall.
Drill 2-inch holes along a gutter downspout; close both ends with an endcap, a heat gun, or a hammer; then insert a nutrient-rich solution and your seedlings.
Use your old rain gutters to border your garden beds by spray painting them, digging a trench around the bed, then placing them face down so no debris collects in them.
Table Cooler
Remove your picnic table’s middle plank, insert a gutter rail, drill drainage holes in it, then add ice and drinks. Cover the cooler with the plank when not in use.
Cut the gutter rail to fit your dining table, then fill it with faux vines, feathers, flowers, or any of your favorite arrangement pieces to suit your dining occasion.