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Save Space In Your Small Bathroom With This Shower Curtain Alternative
A bathroom is a space to unwind and a significant element of a stylish home. If your bathroom is small, optimize its space, comfort, and style with foldable glass shower doors.
Shower curtains are often the go-to for space-saving; however, foldable glass shower doors use half of the space of a regular shower door, as their hinged panels don’t swing open.
This means you’ll have more room to maneuver or extra floor space to accommodate your bathroom fixtures. Glass also lets in natural light and makes your bathroom seem bigger.
Some folding shower door designs appear frameless but have a bottom track. Another design is fully frameless with hinges providing the support for the floating bifold panels.
Some frameless options have 180-degree hinges that let you open the fold inward or outward for complete flexibility to create space either inside or outside the shower cubicle.
Folding shower doors cost about $1,100 to $2,600 installed. You can also get cost-effective prefab units for DIY installation — measure the shower space to order the size you need.