Bamboo toothbrushes in a decorative container
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Save Valuable Bathroom Counter Space With TikTok's Storage Solution
As trends are moving toward a more minimalist aesthetic, exposed toothbrushes are going to start looking passé. Instead, store your toothbrushes on the inside of your vanity door.
Simply hang a container on the inside of the door, and stash your toothbrushes inside. This removes the visual clutter from your bathroom and doesn’t use up precious cabinet space.
You can mimic TikTok user @this.stylednest and attach a dollar store acrylic organizer with Command strips, or try something similar on Amazon, like QPEY’s $9 acrylic pen holder.
If you prefer to go a simpler route, use a back-of-the-door organizer with hooks, like the Vacane Plastic Organizer, which comes in multiple sizes. The small one is $14 on Amazon.
This organizational hack is also a more hygienic way to store your toothbrushes, as keeping them out in the open makes them vulnerable to bacteria from the toilet.