Various empty plastic soda bottles
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Save Your Empty Water Bottles To DIY A Unique Indoor Garden
Transform your empty plastic bottles into planters, and create a lovely little garden on your patio, balcony, or windowsill. They are an excellent option for small-space gardeners.
These planters are a cheap alternative to pricey garden pots. Plus, the plastic they're made of is approved as food safe by the FDA, which means you can grow edible plants in them.
Grab your sharpest pair of scissors and cut the bottom off the bottle. Then, cut a hole in the center of it that's just big enough to fit tightly around the neck of the bottle.
Unscrew the bottle cap, slip the base over the mouth, and screw the cap back on. You can now fill the planter with soil, sow your seeds or seedlings, and place it in a sunny spot.
Herbs; seedlings; shallow-rooted vegetables like lettuce, spinach, scallions; or succulents and cacti grow best in these planters, as they’re less likely to make it topple over.
Glue pebbles in the foot to add weight to the base and stop it from toppling over. To prevent rotting roots, drill a hole in the lid before screwing it back onto the bottle.