Garlic with its peel coming off on a wooden surface
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Save Your Garlic Peels To DIY An All-Natural Garden Fertilizer
Instead of trashing garlic peels, use them as fertilizer to boost a sagging garden. The peels contain phosphorous and potassium, two crucial micronutrients for plant success.
Phosphorus helps the roots grow big and strong, and potassium produces more fruit or flowers. Garlic peels also have plenty of calcium that improves overall plant strength.
Gather the peels in a container, fill it with water, and set it aside for three days. Then, strain the water, which will have a brownish tint, in a bowl to filter out the peels.
Add a little more water to the bowl, stir, and use this nutrient-rich water as fertilizer, pouring it directly onto the roots. Follow up by spraying the leaves with it.