A basket filled with crushed eggshells
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Save Your Hard-Boiled Egg Water
To Help Your Garden Thrive
Hard-boiled egg water is an excellent and simple gardening hack that boosts the health of your plants and helps them
fight various ailments.
Eggshell calcium is essential for preserving the neutral soil pH level between 6 and 6.5, which promotes better plant growth, tissue development, and nutrient absorption.
When eggs are boiled,
the calcium from the shells leaches into the water, forming a calcium-rich solution that provides your plant immediate access to this essential nutrient.
To utilize this, boil a couple of eggs in a large pot of water, let the water cool to room temperature to avoid damaging the plants, and then pour it onto the soil.
This enriched water can aid plants in tackling common calcium deficiency symptoms, such as premature death of flowers, leaf tip burn, and changes in fruit taste and firmness.