Eggs in a carton with hand holding one of the eggs
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Save Your Old Egg Cartons For These Creative
Home And Garden Hacks
Start Seedlings
Using an egg carton allows plants to develop in an individual, controlled environment. All you need is an empty carton, seeds, potting soil, scissors, and water.
Remove the lid from the carton, poke small holes in the bottom for water drainage, and fill with soil and seeds. Nurture them until they can be transferred to a larger pot.
Grow Microgreens
Seedlings of edible plants, microgreens are great additions to a variety of meals. They’re easy to grow in a carton, and all you need are seeds, soil, and water.
Fill each pocket with soil, plant the seeds, and water them. The plants should take around two to three weeks to grow, and you can harvest them once they’re several inches tall.
Store Ornaments
Styrofoam or cardboard cartons are perfect places to store holiday ornaments due to their padded pockets. Tape the lid closed to ensure everything stays safe inside.
Organize Paint Colors
Repurpose cartons into paint palettes to keep colors separated. You can even use the notches between egg slots to prop up your paintbrush during breaks.
Build Bird Feeder
Create a DIY bird feeder to nourish local avian populations by cutting off the lid and saving the bottom half with the pockets.
String twine through it so it can hang horizontally with the pocket-side facing upright. Pour your chosen birdseed into the bowls and hang it in a safe but accessible place.