Paper towel roll on a standing holder.
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Save Your Paper Towel Holders For These Genius Storage Hacks
Store Toilet Paper
Stack extra toilet paper rolls on a freestanding paper towel holder for neat storage, easy access, and to see when you’re running low on the rolls, at a glance.
Craft Supplies
Keep your craft supplies tidy by storing spools of ribbon, yarn, and other goodies on a freestanding paper towel holder. On mounted holders, slide them horizontally.
Hang Laundry
A wall-mounted paper towel holder serves as a mini closet rod that’s perfect for hanging pieces you would never put in your dryer and small items like shoelaces.
Store Accessories
You can use a freestanding paper towel holder to store hair ties, headbands, and belts while a mounted one can be used to hold necklaces, bracelets, and ties.
Store Cookie Cutter
Free up kitchen space by moving cookie cutters to the paper towel rack. The close loop on the baking tool helps them stay in place while stacked on the holder.