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Say Goodbye To Clutter
With Ikea's Inexpensive Storage Solution
If you live in a small house, your closets can easily become overcrowded. The Ikea Klyket folding hook can help by maximizing the storage space in your house.
The Klyket folds up into a thin strip when not in use. When you want to use it, depress the dimple in the metal, and the hook will fall into position, exposing its three grooves.
The hook measures about 3 inches long and is quite strong. Ikea claims its strength correlates to the wall material it is hung from, so the safest bet is not to overload the hook.
You can use the Klyket hooks in your home's open spaces for guests to hang bags or coats, or use them in a laundry room to hang dress shirts after they come out of the dryer.
The overall positive reviews and the affordable price point — just $3 per hook — make the Klyket hooks well worth experimenting with if you need extra storage.