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Say Goodbye To Cluttered Counters With A Vertical Utensil Drawer
While it's easy to access utensils stored on your kitchen counter, it can quickly clutter the space. If you are running out of counter space, try installing a vertical drawer.
As shown by TikTok user @thebrainandthebrawn, the vertical drawer stands tall, ensuring utensils like spatulas, ladles, and whisks are easier to store and retrieve.
Vertical drawers will save time and enhance the aesthetics. The only items required to install them are a drill, pine boards, a tape measure, and hardware for the drawer.
Measure the length and width of the space the drawer will be going into so it fits well. You can save a step here by having your hardware store cut the wood for you in advance.
Once cut, attach the front piece to the side pieces and base of the drawer using a drill, creating a box shape without a top. Repeat the process to add dividers to your drawer.
Sand the edges, then separate the drawer slides and use screws to attach them to the drawer's sides and the frames where the drawer goes. Attach hardware to the drawer's front.