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Say Goodbye To Wheelbarrow Flat Tires With This Brilliant Foam Trick
Flat tires are a common problem for wheelbarrows, but filling them with expanding foam will prolong the life of the wheels. Before doing anything, clean any debris from the wheels.
You will need a minimal expanding high-density foam to avoid rupturing the tire, protective gloves, a drill, and cleaning supplies. Start by putting the wheelbarrow wheels up.
Drill two holes the same size as the can nozzle across opposite sides of the tire. Prepare the expanding foam, and then inject the foam into one of the holes for 10 to 15 seconds.
Next, rotate the wheel and repeat the process in the opposite hole. Make sure the foam has filled out evenly, then plug the holes, and allow the foam to cure and expand fully.
Once the foam has cured, clean off any excess that may have escaped and test the wheels to ensure they are firm and responsive. If they’re good, reap the benefits of this upgrade.