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Scented Laundry Detergent: How Toxic Is It?
You’ve likely seen scented laundry detergents for sale while shopping for cleaning supplies, but these items — along with some unscented ones from popular brands — are dangerous.
It’s been scientifically proven these products contain harmful toxins and chemicals that can generate long-lasting adverse effects on the health and well-being
of their users.
According to a 2011 study n Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, scented laundry detergents contain harmful chemicals like the cancer-causing substances inside cigarettes.
These chemicals
can cause issues
like allergies, reproductive complications, and organ damage, which can be more severe for small children or those with sensitive skin.
Commercial laundry detergent can also be more harmful to the environment, as the chemicals in the product can threaten marine life when
the wastewater is released into
the ocean.
Some of this wastewater can even evaporate into the air, creating more opportunities for the added chemicals
to harm after detergents are used.
Laundry detergents in non-recyclable bottles are especially harmful, as the leftover plastic is disposed of in landfills, causing more challenges for wildlife for decades.
Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly alternatives that are safe for use, can provide a subtle scent to your clothes, and work just as well as those filled with chemicals.
Look for detergents with words like "organic" or "biodegradable," and check for EPA's Safer Choice label since some laundry brands use manipulative language to sell
their product.