Dirty dishes stacked in kitchen sink
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Scrubbing Dishes Just Got Easier Thanks To This Handy Mason Jar DIY
There’s no need to purchase a soap-dispensing dish scrubber because it’s super-easy to create your own using a spare Mason jar, a kitchen sponge, and some dish soap.
You’ll need a Mason jar that has a lid with a hole in the center. Get one on Amazon or make small holes in a regular lid by hammering a nail through it or using a hole-puncher.
Cut your sponge into a circle to fit the jar lid, then hot glue it onto the outside of the lid. Fill the jar with dish soap, then screw the lid back on with the sponge facing up.
As you scrub your dirty dishes with the dish scrubber, the soap will dispense from the jar into your sponge. When it's time to change the sponge, keep the jar and replace the lid.