Close up view of a person painting over painter's tape using a paint brush
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Sealing Your Painter's Tape Gives You Flawless Paint Lines Every Time
Painter’s tape is a must-have for those wanting neat and clean paint lines, and a TikTok from designer @lauracavehome demonstrates where an extra coat of paint may come in handy.
All you need for this painting hack is the base paint color of your wall (or a new, complementary color), a brush, and painter's tape.
In Cave’s TikTok video, she lays down a sturdy piece of painter's tape straight across the wall to create a color-blocking effect, since she’s painting the bottom half a new color.
With a brush, Cave paints the bottom edge of the tape with the same color of paint the wall currently is in order to make leaks invisible, and waits for the sealing coat to dry.
She then paints the bottom half as usual, peeling away the painter's tape while the wall is still a little wet, revealing a crisp, clean line.